Facebook ‘Like’ Button on Your WordPress Blog


Sharing content through social networks is not a new concept (actually, nothing is really a ‘new’ concept anymore). You will have seen blogs with lots of sharing options to bookmark the blog, to re-tweet the blog & to share links on Facebook – something that is used a lot on this blog too in order for our readers to easily share this content.

Until recently, sharing a blog post on Facebook has been slightly clunky in that you had to use Facebook Connect to share the content as a status update.

Last week, Facebook users will have noticed a few changes recently to some features, most obviously the change that got rid of the ‘Become a Fan’ on Pages and replaced it with ‘Like’. The ‘Like’ feature is now pretty much uniform across Facebook – incorporated into status updates, wall posts, individual pictures, photo albums etc..and now Pages.

Those of you who have WordPress.org blogs setup can now install one plugin which puts a ‘Like’ button into your blog posts so that your readers can ‘Like’ your post and it will publish the fact that they like your post on their news feed. This instantly gives the blog post viral & sharing possibility through Facebook unlike before where sharing on Facebook was always a little clunky (clunky being a technical term, of course). It is now on par with the ‘TweetMeMe’ button and others on blogs to share on Twitter etc. You can see this in action on this blog post. Why not click on the Like button so you can see how it works.


Source by Suraj Sodha

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