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Some individuals create a blog on WordPress with the sole objective of earning money from it, while others create a blog out of interest for a specific topic or writing and realize that the blog is popular enough to make money through it. Whether your WordPress blog’s main purpose upon creation was to generate income or money is a secondary pursuit, a blog with user traffic can benefit from generating some financial earnings. There are several means that users can employ in order to learn how to make money on WordPress.

One of the most popular methods on how to make money on WordPress is through Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. Examples of PPC Advertising are Google AdSense, Adversal as well as Chitika. WordPress has several plugins which allow you to handle the advertisements with ease. Adverts relevant to your WordPress blog content appear on the page and each time a user clicks on one of the advertisements, you earn some money. The amount of money you earn per click can greatly vary.

Affiliate marketing is another technique for how to make money on WordPress. Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product on your website with a link to directly enable readers to purchase the product. When a visitor to your WordPress blog purchases a product through the link on your blog, you earn a commission on the sale. Amazon.com is one of the most popular affiliate marketing websites.

Still thinking of more ways on how to make money on WordPress? Well, there is the option to sell advertisement space. Instead of earning money through clicks on advertisements that appear on your webpage, you can earn money by allowing companies to put up adverts of their products on your page. WordPress has plugins which enable you to connect with advert marketplaces.

Besides making money through advertisements and marketing schemes, there are other methods on how to make money on WordPress. These include developing and selling WordPress themes as well as having sponsored blog posts. Sponsored blog posts allow you to charge a fee for publishing a post on to the blog. Usually the post can be a product or business review. You can add an affiliate marketing link to the sponsored post so after making a fixed income from the sponsored posts, you can continue to generate more income through the link.

There are other ways in which you can make money but the mentioned methods are some of the most popular techniques used to earn money from a WordPress site.


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