Drive Massive Free Traffic With Your WordPress Blog Sites to Build Your Online Business


Using WordPress blogs in order to drive more traffic is the way most people working on the Internet today are able to achieve such impressive results. You can’t make any money without traffic, so this is crucial to your success. This is all free traffic, and that’s even more important when you are just starting out. There are various trainings that do this well, and once you have these skills you will be able to write your own ticket when it comes to building your business, growing a list of permission based optin subscribers, and selling your products and services to others online. The free traffic from WordPress blogs is based upon using the right plug-ins, enabling the settings in your blog, choosing the right theme, and more.

WordPress is free, so once you have a hosting account you can set up as many sites as you wish. I now have more than thirty of my own, and they bring me more traffic than I ever imagined, all without me having to pay for costly advertising. You can also have people returning to your site over and over, so you don’t have to continually look for new visitors.

You absolutely must have an optin form on your blog. This should go in the upper right-hand corner for best results. This has been tested over and over by the people who enjoy testing in this way, so most of us have been doing it this way for several years now.

If you do not have your own products to sell, as I did not for the first year I was online, you can use your sites to promote and recommend affiliate products. There is a specific way to do this so that prospects find your site through the exact and specific keywords they are using when they are searching on Google or one of the other search engines. Knowing this can make you even more money than promoting through article marketing or social media.

You are more than likely going to be posting to your blog regularly for the next few years, so you might as well learn how to do it for the best possible results. It took several months for my first blog to be indexed on Google; now I am able to do this within fifteen minutes by using the keyword phrases in my post titles and elsewhere on my blog and also by pinging the blog directories. This strategy will change the way you do business on the Internet.


Source by Connie Ragen Green

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