Custom WordPress Blog Themes – How to Find One


WordPress blogs are great because you have the flexibility to create any look that you want. There is one caveat however – customization of your WordPress blog usually requires knowledge of CSS, HTML, PHP, and sometimes JavaScript.

Not everyone, however, is interested in web design and web programming. Most of us just want a simple way to customize or personalize our WordPress blogs, and focus on writing blog content. What are our options?

  1. Pay for a custom blog design – There are many web designers out there who will design a custom WordPress blog for you. The fees range from about $250-$500 US per blog design. The higher fees will get you the better designers, and a more detailed custom blog including unique buttons, icons, and user input forms.
  2. Buy a premium blog design – There are a variety of websites that sell premium WordPress themes. The advantage of this option is that it is significantly cheaper than paying for a full custom WordPress design. Premium blog themes can usually be purchased for $10-$50 US. However, anybody can purchase the same theme, thus your blog will not be truly unique. In addition, if there are design updates to your blog, you may have to purchase a new WordPress theme, or pay someone to make those updates for you.
  3. Use a WordPress theme generator – Theme generators provide you with an interface for defining various aspects of your blog design including colors, fonts, number of columns, and much more. The ease of the interface will depend on the individual theme generator. The free theme generators tend to be more difficult to use, and are more limited in what they can generate. The fee-based theme generators are more user-friendly, and usually produce higher quality designs. Some WordPress theme generators can be purchased as standalone software, i.e. you just purchase the theme software once and you can use it however you like ($50-$150 US). Others are subscription base (approximately $10US per theme).
  4. Use a free WordPress theme – Some of the most popular free WordPress themes (Thematic, Sandbox, Hybrid) are the ones that allow users to easily customize their blog through the use of widgets. To truly customize the look of these themes however, would still require CSS, HTML, and PHP editing. 

None of these options really suited me. In particular, I wanted a theme that was image based, that I could easily and quickly customize whenever I chose, with little effort, and for free. I wanted an organic blog whose look will change to reflect my interests, the different types of products I was offering, the different holiday seasons, etc.  Obviously, there was no such WordPress theme available, which was why I decided to create one.


Source by Sephy Shake

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