Creating a Website For Free – Can I Make My Own Condoms?


Now I’m the first guy to appreciate a bargain, but creating a website for free is just not worth it. More and more people are realizing the benefits of having their own website. Just think of all the personal pages like Myspace out there. Sooner or later though you will realize that there are way too many limitations. It’s the same with a FREE website. Much like a homemade condom, it doesn’t make any sense and in the end, you will most likely regret it.

Most free sites are actually subdomains instead of a full domain. In other words you get www myspace dot somewhere dot com instead of www mypage dot com. Is that a big deal? More than you would think. A subdomain will definitely affect your presence. Though sub domains have their purpose, they are on the backburner of major search engines. It all comes down to traffic. If you don’t want people to find your website, a free website will do fine. Even the average user will recognize a subdomain and to him, this means your site is not an authority website. Some online article directories will not even allow links to a subdomain. And that’s just the beginning.

A free website gives you very little. You usually pick from a small collection of very basic web templates that thousands of other people are using. There are not many other useful tools either, but hey its free.

So what is the difference in cost between a free site and a professional hosted website? Less than $4.00 a month. You can get a professional hosted site , loaded with features for less than $48.00 a year. For less than a carton of cigarettes you can get a top of the line website.

With a free site, you get almost nothing. With a hosted site, you get unlimited space, unlimited emails, autoresponder, newsletter center, the best web creation software like WordPress and Joomla, photo galleries, and even credits to advertise your site worth over $75.00. You also get video tutorials and instant support to help you make your website great.  So really folks, it’s a no brainer.

If you want your website to be professional, visited by many and even a possible source of income, get a web host. If you want to spend days making a site that very few will ever see, get a free site. While you’re at it, you can make your own condoms. 


Source by Alan J Orr

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