Creating a Password Protected Membership Website in 6 Minutes Using Only Free Software


Membership websites are everywhere online these days. They are a fantastic model for all manner of businesses and bring more than just money to your online business.

Membership sites are used for a variety of businesses both national and international. Membership sites are used to gather data for lead generation, to limit a resource and more commonly to restrict access to a paid subscription service.

However most small businesses would love to have such capability but cost and technical knowledge are holding these companies back and reducing the potential profit they can create. Equally as important is that people who need their services cannot find them very easily, especially when they are small start-up companies.

However, it is possible to set up a password restricted website in just 6 minutes and whats even better is the software required is all FREE, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on a script like aMember Pro or EasymemberPro or any of the other software programs available. These are expensive and in most cases have a learning curve like a rocket scientist which means time has to be taken to learn the intricacies of the software before you can use it. Time most of us just don’t have.

All you really need is a domain, a hosting account and a little knowledge. No recurring administration fees and no licenses or expensive support structure. No science degree or coding to be done, just set it up and add content. The end.

In fact you could have the whole site up and running in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

SO the burning question is how to do it?

Essentially you set up a blog site using WordPress and install a simple plugin. That’s it done.

Yes it’s that simple and that quick.

Now this is not a sophisticated all bells and whistles membership website like the more expensive versions around. But it is secure, restricted to only those you want to have access and it comes with hidden benefits that other more expensive software just cannot provide.

Instant traffic from Google, MSN and Yahoo.

It’s no secret that the search engines love the WordPress platform and anything built on that gets instant attention. Blogs are built on WordPress and blogs change constantly as new posts are added which is of course “Content”.

The search engines are always improving the “science behind the search” to make searching more productive for their clients. So as that science improves, the way you construct your site and the tags you use in your description become more relevant when a search is conducted.

So building your membership website on the WordPress platform has given your new site instant credibility.

What’s more WordPress is an amazingly simple yet powerful software that has a ton of functionality its adaptable to almost anything you can imagine by the use of simple plugins that are often free to use or cost such a small amount

If you are a small business owner who would love to have a secure yet simple membership website don’t buy a script and then pay a fortune to have a whiz kid set this up at yet more cost, do it yourself and save the money. WordPress is the best option and the software is child’s play to use.


Source by Kevin W Baker

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