Copyright Date Change in WordPress Themes


Copyright date change in WordPress themes may sound tricky but can actually be done with ease and simple steps to follow.

Copyright is defined as the set of exclusive rights granted to the creator of an original work and provides the right to benefit from it. Well same principle applies in WordPress themes. You would want to be acknowledge as the creator and that no one should take credit from it but you. Easier said than done? Just try it and you’ll find out.

In WordPress themes, this can be seen at the footer part of the page. As much as you want it to be updated, it is quite troublesome to do each editing manually. The solution: Automation. Keeping the copyright year up to date is one of those jobs that are easily forgotten. So what if there are means of keeping this up to date can be done only once? Well, there is such a way!

A little manipulation of the code on the php will do the charm. To add this to most standard WordPress Themes open up the footer.php file and find the standard Copyright Information and replace it.

Every year this will update the year like clockwork which brings you the benefit of not manually editing them every year. This brings better news to you especially if you are one of those who maintain numerous blogs. In the stroke of January 1, it will automatically read and follow the code. You will instantly be looking at the results reflected at the page without any sweat. The best part here is that you would be celebrating the New Year without holds bar worrying about your blogs.

In instance if you started your blog with the in 2010, you will have the display:

Copyright © 2010-2010

The way this is written looks very awkward. It may even seem illogical. This can be fixed. Still with a little bit of php. By doing so, if the start year matches the current year, only one year is displayed. In the same principle, if it differs, it will display it in range.

This is your handy editing job. Do this and this may be the last editing of your blogs’ copyright date. Sounds too good to be true? Well it is true alright!


Source by Sheryl Mae Torres

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