Comparison Between Blogger-Blogspot and WordPress


It is software, which is used for the creation of blogs. WordPress provides tons of features and customizing tools to excel your blog. However, is the same platform like


1. WordPress is really easy to use. It provides many tools to its users free. There is no problem of editing in the blog. User may change theme at any time by accessing plugins area in Blogspot does not provide this sort of facility easily.

2. There are millions of themes on the You cannot have such themes on the Blogspot. Themes are very important for your blog, because they provide beauty to your blog. You can also put many different codes, CSS and plugins in the blog to customize it.

3. Both Blogspot and WordPress almost provide the same facilities of posting to their users. They have different features and tips for novice bloggers.

4. WordPress helps to increase your reputation by enhancing your professional abilities. Your blog looks more accurate and well, if you use To make money blog, it is recommended that you should join the

5. Both services offer the free of cost blogging. You can make your own blog with the little effort and without using any money.

6. WordPress offers good and nice plugins for blogging. Most important is that, these all plugins are almost free of cost. More than 9000 plugins are available for your blog at any time. Your blog will look more beautiful and appealing to any user.

7. WordPress is SEO friendly platform. However, Blogspot is also good for this purpose. WordPress has many plug-ins for this purpose.


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