Classipress 2.0 WordPress Theme


Who says WordPress is only good for bloggers? It is one of the best content management systems out there. Whether you want to create a weblog or a financial portal, you can do it all with this cool open source platform. WP is designed to help you manage all types of content on your website. By finding the right theme, you can create sophisticated sites fast. Till now, if you wanted to create a listing website on WP, you had to make heavy changes to your template’s code. But thanks to Classipress 2.0, you can now have your own Classified WordPress website in less than 5 minutes.

Classipress 2.0 is designed specifically for folks who are interested in starting a classified website. It is very light weight and comes with a clean code. It also allows you users to enter their own information, define a price for their post, and submit it to your site without you having to do anything. Once they submit their items, you can moderate them and remove the spammers.

Classipress v2.0 allows you to charge folks for their posts as well. PayPal is completely integrated in the system, which means you will be making money from your site fast. You can also create subcategories to help your users better present their information on your website. And if you want to auto-delete old items, that is also supported on this theme.

You also get an image manager that allows your visitors to upload their own photos fast. The form is very easy to use and the upload process is convenient. To be on the safe side, you can always ask your visitors to flag inappropriate images and posts. That way you can go in and delete them on the backend.

Overall, Classipress is a cheap and attractive WP-theme designed to help you set up your own classified site fast. You get life-time support, and you can always upgrade to more expensive packages. If you want to start the next mini-craigslist, here is your chance.


Source by Panah C Rad

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