Changing Your Blog Post Date in WordPress


Every time you make a post you have the option to schedule it. This option is a huge advantage of WordPress. With this ability you can either backdate blog posts or future schedule WordPress posts.

Why backdate WordPress posts?

When you create a new blog, you might want it to look like an established blog. You could also write a post and realize you want to add a previous post to add back story or information that needs to come before. Recently I had an unexpected absence, since I wanted to have daily posts I back dated a few posts to keep the daily schedule. Months from now, it will show one post a day, instead of two or three posts that day.

Why schedule WordPress posts?

For some people they may not have time to write every day. This also comes in handy if you have ideas for a series of blog posts, because you can write all the posts at once. A vacation does not mean your blog will look abandoned, instead you can schedule posts to appear without you pressing the buttons. Some people write 52 posts at once and have a full year of posts scheduled to automatically post.

How do schedule blog posts?

After you are done writing your post, you can press publish. This might either be below the post or to the right depending on if you have your screen set on one or two columns. Above that publish button is “Publish Immediately” followed by “Edit.” Clicking Edit will allow you to change the date. You can change the year, the month, the day, even the time of day.

Is there another way to change blog dates?

Yes! On your dashboard, use the arrow to open the menu under Posts. To the right you will see a list of your posts. Hover over the name of the post you want to change the blog post date, beneath the name you will click “Quick Edit.” A drop down box will appear. Change the date under the post name and then go over to the right to the status box. Choose Publish from the drop down.

Why change the blog time?

My daily success tip blog publishes early in the morning. Thus posts are scheduled to release early in the morning. Perhaps you want to have a lunch post, or one after work. This allows you to be specific about the time of day the post will publish. Now you do not have to worry about writing lots of posts in one day and having nothing to write the next.


Source by MJ Schrader

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