Can I Get Paid Blogging for WordPress? (How to Make Big Money Blogging)


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard how much money there is to be made from blogging. There are many ways to earn a living as a blogger and this article will discuss how you can use the popular blogging platform, WordPress, to profit online blogging.

WordPress offers two options for your blogging needs. The first is a free WordPress-hosted blog that they give you in exchange for creating your blog and filling it with content all under their bigger umbrella site. Technically, you do not own what you write and upload to your blog so I don’t recommend using this service even though it’s free.

The other option WordPress offers, and the one I suggest to all my clients (and indeed the one I use myself) is WordPress’ self-hosted option. You can use WordPress’ brilliant and easy-to-use platform to build your own blog that you have complete rights to and profit 100% from. By doing this, your content earns you money for the rest of your life. Here’s how it works.

When you’ve decided what you want to blog about and have chosen a name for your blog, the easiest way to get your blog up and running is to choose a hosting company that offers one-click WordPress blog installation. That is a common feature these days and will allow you to create your blog without having to hire a web designer or programmer. If you’re just starting out as a blogger, you want to focus on making money and don’t want to have to worry about the technical aspects of website creation.


Source by Keith D. Michaels

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