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It’s easy to build your very own make money online website for free and make a great deal of money in a very short time on the net!  But you have to follow an easy plan for thirty days which includes building a free blog or website to serve as your vehicle to success.  

These days more and more people are referring to their sites as content management systems, or “CMS.”  This is because there are several companies such as WordPress and Drupal that offer webmasters a fairly inexpensive way to construct their own CMS to their personal taste.  This is where Google’s free “Blogger” comes in.  With “Blogger” you’re allowed to put Google AdSense ads on it, configure it to function as a CMS instead of merely a “blog,” and have it hosted on the web for free!

What I like to do, is build blog after blog, creating 10-20 pages on each blog and moving on to the next one without having to maintain the blog.  With this system, each CMS (blog) you build will make you money on autopilot for as long as you desire!  So, to create your own make money online website, visit Google, to sign up for a free blogger account by following the steps below.

1.   Before signing up, pick a “niche” for your site.  Usually people start their first site by picking one of their interests or hobbies.  If you’re stuck, type “how to pick a website niche” into the Google search box and you should get tons of results and ideas.

2.  Once you have your niche, pick out a name your blog ( and follow the simple Google instructions to create your site with Google’s “Blogger.”  Voila, you’re in business!

3.  Pick out five good keywords for your niche that have very little competition.  Research the net on how to do this by typing “how to pick profitable keywords” into your Google search box. 

4.  Write five, good original articles (in Blogger they’re referred to as “posts”) containing one of your low competition keywords for each, and click “publish post” for each.

5.  Create a Google adsense account(simple and quick).

6.  Put Google ads on your site.  Research the net again to find out where and how to placed your ads.  After you place your ads, every time somebody visits and clicks them, you’ll get paid!

7.  Write 1 article each weekday (5 in total each week for a month) using the same keyword method and submit it to, making sure you use the resource to link back to each different page (page 1 through 5) on every article.  After 4 weeks, you should end up with 20 high quality articles submitted to with the resource box linking back to each page  4 times.

8.  Repeat the process with another niche.

While you create each “make money online website” remember to give your readers something worthwhile to read!  Don’t do what many people do; throw site after site on the web with garbage for content.  I like to spend at least one week per site so that I can provide useful content to be proud of.  This is how I’ve had success!   By the way, the only way this method will not work for you is simply if you don’t try or if you give up.  So focus!

If you build a solid 20 sites a year and they each make you 2.00 a day on average, that’s roughly 1,200.00 a month!  Now that’s what I call a make money online website program!


Source by Orlando Gutierrez

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