Build a Website: WordPress Vs. CSS


Many new site owners are terrified of the thought of CSS because it is unknown and seems very difficult. With this article, I’d like to debunk that myth, as well as a few others to help you decide what is best for your site creation – WordPress or CSS?

First, let me explain that WordPress is a user-friendly blog platform that actually uses CSS. Most users never touch the CSS behind the scenes, though, because there are so many wonderful and customizable themes that make everything so easy. So why would anyone use anything else?

Well, let’s clarify something I just said. WordPress is a blog platform, not a website platform. While millions of people use it for both, it does have its limitations. Not all aspects of customizing the site will be covered in even the most comprehensive theme. So unless you are OK with a simple, out of the box site, you will need to brush up on your CSS.

This makes you wonder “well then why not just go with CSS in the first place?” Actually, many people do. WordPress is a wonderful platform, but some people want complete control over their site and choose to go a more “technical” route.

There are several programs, however, that allow a person to cheat just a little bit when it comes to building a site with CSS. My personal favorite, Dreamweaver, allows a person to view their site in mock “live” mode, make visual changes, switch back and forth between stylesheets, and even look at a split screen view of their site next to the code that creates it. This makes for an excellent experiment environment – in which you can change different code aspects and see the effect right away.

Pair Dreamweaver with its tutorials and several sites which offer free CSS templates, and you can begin learning CSS all on your own in just one evening. It does require a bit of a “learn as you go attitude”, but having complete control over site is worth it to some.

So which one should you choose for your site? It largely depends on what you want your site to do. If you are brand new to online business and would just like a simple website with the basics and a few customizations, then WordPress is perfect for your needs. Use a premium (paid) theme for maximum customization options and you may never need to change. Many people have run their entire site on WordPress for several years.

If you have dreams of a more complicated site – say with flash animations, interactive elements, and total webmaster control, then you should start experimenting with CSS early. You can always build your site first using WordPress, and then build you skills on your own time. There is no reason to be afraid!


Source by Chris K Hoff

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