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This question comes up a lot from new bloggers who want to use WordPress. Should they put all their posts on one page or use multiple pages? Well, the answer to the question isn’t a simple one. It really depends on the purpose of your blog. So the best way to answer the question is with a couple of examples. This article will give you two excellent ones starting with my own blog.

At first, I setup a WordPress blog simply to post articles and nothing more. So I started with one page. Why? Well, I wanted people to read the most relevant articles first when they got there, so there was no point in breaking them up into separate pages. The most recent ones would appear at the top of the blog. Besides, by designating categories for each article (make money online, copywriting, article writing, etc.) if people wanted to look up certain articles, they could do so by category, listed on the right hand side of the blog.

However, as time went on, I realized that I wanted to do more. I wanted to have a page where people could check out all my products. I didn’t want to include them on the main article page because they’d end up getting lost in the soup with each article that I added. So I created a separate page for products, listing them in the order that I wanted. This would be a static page whereas the article page would change with each new post. So in this case, I did want multiple pages.

But a better example of multiple pages is the site of a friend of mine who is a band promoter. He needed a blog where he could have one page with articles about recent concerts he promoted and how they went, another page that showed the dates of upcoming concerts, another page with items to buy such as posters, CDs, and so on and another page of odds and ends that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else. This is quite common for a blog that has many different things going on.

So think of your blog, not like a blog, but like a regular site. If you were going to create a regular static HTML site using Dreamweaver or whatever, how many different pages would you want? The answer to that question will give you the answer to the question of how many pages you want for your WordPress blog.

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