Blogging for Website Traffic


Do you own a website? If so, you are aware of the constant struggle that webmasters have trying to get more traffic to their site. There are many methods of doing so, but one very effective way to get more traffic to your site is through a blog. Blogs automatically draw high rates of traffic and are indexed frequently by search engines, making them very popular among webmasters as traffic generators.

Any website can benefit from a blog. You don’t necessarily have to even host your own blog, although many website hosts allow you to add a blog to your regular site. You can also start a business blog on or Blogger. These are both free services that allow you get started easily and quickly even if you are a complete beginner in the blog world.

Your blog should relate to your website topic, so if you have a website that sells cat food, then your blog should be about cats. This blog would provide high quality information and posts on anything to do with cats, preferably updated at least three or four times a week, although daily blogs draw more traffic.

Even if you aren’t able to post that much information about cats, you can find free articles and even buy content to add to your blog. The nice thing about blogs is that they don’t have to be massive articles, you can get away with posting just a couple hundred words on a topic, which makes it far easier to finish a daily post.

Since your blog is designed to send traffic to your website, you will want to include a link on your sidebar that goes to your site. You can also link to your site throughout your posts and include short reviews on your own products. This means that your blog visitors will then move on over to your website. If you have articles on your site, you can link specifically to these as well, offering more information if people just jump over to the website.

Next, you need to get your blog indexed by all major search engines. If you have regular postings, this will happen naturally. You will also want to register in several blog directories, including Technorati, so that your blog can be easily found by anyone doing a search on that topic. This will give you more traffic, plus links, all of which are useful for not only your blog, but also your website.

Website traffic can be elusive, but with a little effort, a blog can bring in loads of high quality, interested visitors. Blogs are highly overlooked as marketing tools and it would be a mistake to ignore the possibilities they offer.


Source by Michael Copper

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