Blogging For Profit – Five Ways You Can Make Money With Your WordPress Blog Directly and Indirectly


Would you like to profit from your blogging? Do you like the idea of making money for simply writing your blog? Read on to find out how you can do that.

There are many ways you can profit from blogging, both directly and indirectly. Here are just a few:

1) Promote your business

This is an indirect way — though it can work quite well. You blog to promote your business, to give it greater visibility and to connect with leads and potential clients, and voila — more clients and more money.

2) Sell your electronic products

This is a direct way — and the fastest way to actually get cash into your bank account. You can sell your own products on your blog. This works especially well for electronic downloadable products, be they reports, ebooks, audio or even video. They could even be programs and games.

3) Sell your physical products

This works well for businesses that sell physical products. You can have extensive product reviews on your blog — or articles that explain how best to select or use some of the products you sell — with links to those products. Works quite nicely.

4) Sell other people’s products

This is also known as affiliate marketing. You write about products you like and a link takes your visitors to the site that sells that product. Of course, that link is an affiliate link and you’ll get a nice cut of the proceeds. This will take a bit longer because most affiliate programs take a few weeks (and sometimes more than a month) to pay you. But pay you they will if they’re a reputable program. And you shouldn’t work for any other kind.

5) Selling advertising

This really deserves its own article. There’s Google’s AdSense, of course, where you get paid every time someone clicks on your ads. And then there are other advertisers who do the same. Another option is to simply rent out advertising space. This will work well once you have lots of visitors.

And that’s the key. You need visitors to make money. How do you get them? By optimizing your blog so it appears on Google for your keywords, and by driving traffic to your blog in various ways, from pay per click advertising to writing articles or luring your Twitter followers with promises of enticing articles and freebies.


Source by Elisabeth Kuhn

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