Blogging For Cash – How To Start Your Own Money-Making Blog


Blogging is not just a hobby for some people – they make a full-time living at it. The Internet offers all kinds of opportunity if you’re a self-starter and you like to write. One of them is to start a blog and turn it into a cash machine. Here’s how it’s done.

Starting Your Blog

In the old days, you had to write web content in HTML code. Now, it couldn’t be easier. Lots of blogs use WordPress, a program that allows you to basically write and publish, and it does the rest. It offers templates and tools so that all you really have to do is write.

The key to creating a popular blog is to choose something you love writing about. When you have natural enthusiasm for a topic, the content you create is much better and it will attract followers who share your interests. Remember that when you blog, you need to keep up a steady writing schedule. This is why you should make it something you enjoy writing about.

You can either buy web hosting or use a free platform. Web hosting requires money up front and can be a bit complicated. If you use a free platform (like WordPress or Blogger), you can buy a domain name later and simply roll your content over to it.  

Monetizing Your Blog

This is the part that mystifies most people. How do you make money by writing about your interests? There are three ways that most bloggers do it – ads, affiliate marketing and information products.

You’ve probably seen ads on blogs before. These are the little ads from Google that advertise related products and services. Google AdSense is a program where you let Google put ads on your blog and if someone clicks on them, you get paid. However, the pay isn’t a whole lot. AdSense can create a small but steady income, but you won’t be quitting your day job.

Affiliate marketing means using your blog to promote other people’s products. You get a commission if the purchase comes from your site, and this can be a pretty big slice. To do affiliate marketing successfully, you have to drive a large amount of traffic to your site and gain readers. You can drive traffic for free by learning some basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Gaining readers is all about writing good quality content that keeps them coming back for more.

Information products are an even better way to make money. This is where you create your own products to sell. This is extremely easy to do with software programs that are available for download. You can create eBooks, videos, podcasts, resource directories and whatever else your imagination comes up with. If you’re not up to the work of creating the products yourselves, you can outsource every aspect of your information product creation. Like affiliate marketing, you need to drive traffic and get loyal followers.

One Important Blogging Tip

Blogging can make you lots of money for many years ahead. However, when you first start your blog, don’t think about the monetary gains. It may seem ironic, but the best blogs are written out of love and not the desire for money. Work on creating a great blog that people love to read, and get to know your readers so that you can keep producing the content they love. If you can do this, monetizing your blog through the above strategies is a piece of cake.


Source by Angela D Clark

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