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Did you know you could make money when you build a blog based on content? High quality content will make you money on the Internet if you promote it well and generate enough high volume traffic. You have to write a lot of articles and build your marketing list as you promote your blog. But this stuff works!

It’s simple.

Here are 5 great tips you can use to blog for money:

1. Buy a Domain Name. I tried free domains and it really doesn’t work as well as a real domain name that you create and own. Get a great, dependable hosting site and upload a WordPress Blog. They’re wonderful! WordPress is easy to update and change. You’ll love wordpress!

2. Get a popular topic that you like to write about. I’m a writer, I home school, and I love science, so I got started on those topics, but there’s a lot of space where you can go with those topics. Home school and writing both offer openings to working online and making money from blogging, so I can add that to my blog too. You’ll want topics that suit you and that you want to write about.

3. Write lots of articles and information for your blog. The more you publish, the more popular your blog will be. Put a lot of content on your blog and keep adding more. Don’t STOP. The more you add, the more popular your site will be.

4. Post articles on to drive traffic to your website. The more high quality articles you post the more traffic comes to your blog. It helps to have a well written resource box that promises your readers valuable gifts, as long as you produce those gifts.

5. Sell products you create yourself to your marketing list. If you make sure you write high quality content and sell it at a reasonable price, you can make a lot of money with your marketing list. I recommend you find a niche market and write for that niche.

Are you ready to make money online?


Source by Kenton Verhoeff

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