Blog Marketing – How To Start A Profitable Blog Part 2


What about hosting?

A web hosting is a place where you can put your blog. I recommend you to use hosting because it’s quite cheap, $7 per month for the cheapest plan and with good support. Always look to choose linux server, not windows because it’s much more stable. NameCheap offers Cpanel that can be very helpful for you to upload files from browser.

Install a blog

WordPress is a great software for a blog. Actually most blogs you saw online use this software because it’s the best on market. In Cpanel in Software/Services section you will see Fantastico De Luxe. Click this and on the next page choose in blog section WordPress. There you can easily install wordpress with no additional files uploading. It’s very easy and fast.

Next step

It’s good to do few blog marketing tricks to get better exposure of your blog before posting anything. Go to Options>Writing . You will see labeled Update Services. Add this url to the box This url will get know all top blog search engines about your updates. Now add some categories, at least 5.

How to add categories?

Go to Manage>Categories. Click add new. Don’t worry about other forms just fill the first name of your category and click add category. You can easily lately change names of your categories, delete or add new.

It’s time to write

Start writing, if you are actually lack of any good ideas try to make some research and check what your competitors are writing about. Read other people blogs about related subject as yours, news sites. Just remember not to copy. It’s just to give you a grasp what can you write about. People won’t see same content but something original, people want to know what do you think.

How often to update blog?

Every niche of blog can differ but it’s a good way to blog once a day. You will be able to gain repeatable visitors and more traffic for search engines. Consistent updating of your blog will be beneficial for your blog marketing.

Care about your posts quality

Write your articles very specific and detailed. Try to write your posts originally and interesting. Offer in your posts lot’s of help, resources, links to other pages, videos, images. It can take some time to write more about some subject, make some research, think through it first but it will definitely pay off after time. Do best of you.


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