Benefits of WordPress


User Friendly

One of the biggest benefits of using WordPress is the user-experience. WordPress developers spent an enormous amount of time thinking of ways to improve the user-experience for their users – and still do for that matter. The platform navigation is very easy to use. Sections are clearly marked and organized. Instructions per section are clearly dictated and outlined so the user can easily make adjustments to their options.

It doesn’t just end at the platform itself. The help you can find on their website is out-of-this-world. Instead of being too technical, the writers on WordPress speak in a language that is easy to understand no matter the technical abilities of its user.


Being able to have a customized theme for your blog or website is one of WordPress’ biggest benefits. WordPress has a database containing thousands of themes available for use without cost. There are also more professionally designed themes having numerous options that might run you a small cost. Having such a plethora of themes readily available to download allows you to scavenge through until you find the perfect theme for your market.


Not everyone has the technical knowledge to make changes or adjustments to their blog’s characteristics. Therefore, plugins were created to allow those with technical knowledge to develop these snippets of code that can be applied to your WordPress platform. These range from SEO plugins to spell checkers to spam watchers. The options are endless. They are also very easy to install. Simply, go to your ‘Plugins’ tab on your left navigation, search for a plugin or subject if you’re unsure and you’ll likely find several to test.


It’s difficult for one individual to keep up with the SEO performance of their blog. WordPress did a wonderful job of making sure the standard SEO best-practices were accounted for. You can also download plugins that will make your SEO performance even better than the standards. For example, the All in One SEO Pack allows you to generate site maps and submit them to search engines. It also allows you to customize the Meta data for each article you write.


The following behind WordPress is unimaginable. With forums and websites dedicated to the platform, the amount of knowledge out there is invaluable. If you need help or have questions about certain aspects of the platform, you can head over to or you can do a simple search in your favorite search engine and you’re guaranteed to find the answer within seconds.

Open Source

WordPress is an open source platform. What this allows the user to do is use the platform without paying a fee. There are options within the Free version of WordPress ( version) that will incur a charge but this is not directly related to the platform itself.


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