Band Websites: 5 Common Band Website Mistakes and Why You Should Be Using WordPress


With so many WordPress band themes available to musicians and indie bands on the interweb, it makes me wonder why using one of the easiest, most user-friendly website platforms is so difficult for today’s indie bands and musicians.

I get that this will be considered a huge endorsement for WordPress and I’m not the least bit ashamed. I love WordPress and use it on ALL of my own websites.

Of course there are other platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Bandzoogle, and a lot more I’ve probably missed currently available to today’s indie band. But the truth is none of them provides the ease of use, search engine optimization power and complete band website control like hosting your very own WordPress band theme.

Why Should You Be Using a WordPress Theme for Your Website?

We both know just how difficult it is to make it in the world of music, so your band website should NOT be an area that you spend too much time worrying about. You DO want to have a professional piece of online real estate you can easily share with fans and those elusive music industry types, but it’s not something you’ll want to think about for any more time than is absolutely necessary.

Of course your band website needs to impress visitors, but it’s much more important that it be easy for you to use, update and connect with all your social media sites. WordPress band themes can help you to accomplish this and much more. And we both know that adding in the complexities of search engine optimization to a band website is probably more than enough to make any musician’s head spin but the Wordpess platform makes handling this so easy, that not taking advantage of this incredible tool for your music marketing and band promotion efforts is an unforgivable sin.

The 5 Most Common Website Mistakes:

1 – The use of Flash based website design. WordPress website themes are much more user and SEO friendly.

I don’t see many flash websites nowadays but if you’re new to the game DO NOT consider this an option. Flash is a killer for search engines and mobile phones.

2 – Hard to read websites. Using inappropriate background colors.

Your band website should be easy on the eyes. A band website should be designed to be easy to read, easy to find and easy to maneuver.

3 – Hard to find or missing contact forms and about pages.

Make it easy for your fans to get in touch. Let the folks who come to your page know more about you. Create an experience they won’t forget and who knows… they may love you for a lifetime.

4 – Stagnant and stale content.

Rare updates and little to no information on what your band or you as an artist is currently working on. WordPress makes updating your band website easy. Updating your music and events can be as easy as typing up a letter in Word.

5 – Lack of clarity, purpose and focus. No clear reason for fans to dig deeper into the band website.

A WordPress band theme’s foundation is built on WordPress. It’s structured content system is extremely easy to manage. The WordPress platform has been designed for clarity, the use of categories and topics, and powerful built in search engine optimization functions to make your life easy.

Using a WordPress Band Theme Can Help You Eliminate the 5 Most Common Website Mistakes

I’ve just listed the 5 most common band website mistakes that way too many musicians are still making. It’s terribly unfortunate, but these mistakes may be hurting your music business and band promotion efforts so I’ve taken the time to examine each mistake in more depth and demonstrate how you can counteract these problems with the use of a well designed WordPress band website theme.

Once you understand how important having your own band website is for your music marketing and band promotion efforts, I’m certain you’ll opt for a WordPress band website theme in place of your existing or future band websites.

Mistake #1: Flash Based Websites

Flash was once cool right? Well… yes and no. Any time I’ve discussed the complexities of using Flash on a band website with web developers it’s turned into a heated battle. On one side we have the “cool” factor and on the other we’ve got the implications of poor search engine optimization and ease of use issues for users. Not to mention the limited application on today’s mobile phones. I’m happy to say that very few website developers are currently using this design platform.

WordPress band website themes typically don’t include any Flash at all. Most designs are simple, elegant and user friendly. There are many very cool WordPress band website themes on the market that will more than please both you and your visitors. Plus, the site loading speed and simplicity for fans and music industry visitors should make your decision to use a WordPress band website theme fairly easy.

Mistake #2: Hard to Read Websites. Inappropriate Use of Background Colors

This one is unforgivable. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that pink text on a green background is hard to read. I pull no punches with this one. It’s just plain stupid. If it’s hard to read your content, no one’s going to stick around long enough to know how great your music is. Don’t make this mistake. Ever! It’s so much easier to stick to the accepted standard of dark text on a white background. This should be black or dark grey on white.

Of course you can try out some different color combos like dark brown on light beige and that may work for you too. My point is… don’t make it hard for visitors to read your content. The web is fast. If you can’t hook a visitor with something enticing in 10-15 seconds… they’re gone. Make your content hard to read and you don’t have a chance. Of course WordPress band themes aren’t perfect and there are some band website designers out there who – to be totally blunt – are clueless. However, most band website theme designers do follow today’s web standards pretty well and odds are their color schemes will be exactly what the website doctor ordered.

As with all things, follow your gut but never break that golden rule of making the lives of your band website visitors as easy as possible.

Mistake #3: Hard To Find or Missing Contact Forms and About Pages

Have you ever been disappointed that you couldn’t find a way to contact that band you love? Or the band manager to book them for a gig? What if you’re a music industry executive and you want to hire them and use one of their songs in your movie project? Wouldn’t that suck if you were the artist who missed out? You bet it would!

Unfortunately this happens too often.

Far too many band websites fail to include a contact system and these artists are potentially missing out on a ton of money and work because of it. This is another one of those unforgivable sins. Again, with a WordPress band website theme you won’t have to worry about this.

Most WordPress band website themes come with an about us page right out of the box, so it’s just a matter of inserting the appropriate information about your band and bio and you’re good to go. Plus, there are far too many easy to install plugins for the WordPress platform that this is simply a no-brainer. A quick search for the right WordPress contact form plugin and you’ll be taking booking requests in no time.

Mistake #4: Stagnant and Stale Content. Rare Website Updates.

This just isn’t cool at all. Imagine if you were a fan returning to your favorite band website again and again only to be disappointed by their apathy towards keeping you entertained and informed on what they’ve been up to. Not cool at all right?

Of course we all understand that Joey… your web developer cousin may not be able to update that hard to manage old school HTML band website, but this is an easy fix.

Switch to a WordPress band theme and save yourself the grief and trouble of having to either pay someone or wait endlessly for them to help you out. WordPress is hands down the easiest system to learn and use when it comes to your music website updates. If you can write a letter in Word, you can update your band website theme.

And remember… fresh content means repeat visits and better search engine results. Get this taken care of… quick!

Mistake #5: Lack of Clarity, Purpose and Focus.

A band website without purpose is no better than a black hole in the webisphere.

I can compare web content platforms until the cows come home but the fact that WordPress band websites help you organize your content so much better by using categories and tags is one of the primary reasons I’ve been sold on them for over a decade.

Having said this, not having a clear and definitive vision on what you’re trying to achieve with your music website is guaranteed to have you spinning your wheels… No sales, no list building… no money.

It’s really that simple.

Although your band website might be able to help you organize your content, it can’t help you find purpose for your band website. It’s on you and your band mates to figure this one out. The good news is that I’ve got some starter ideas for you.

To begin, you’ll want to build a list. WordPress band themes can help with this… easily. Most band themes have an easy to use plugin you can drop in and presto, instant list building.

Next, you’re going to want to sell your music right? Again… a band theme can help you with this too.

Simply connect your ready to go WordPress e-commerce plugin to PayPal and you’re off to the races. Heck, maybe you even want to let fans know where your next gig is going to be. This might be helpful, no? Yup… you guessed it, there’s a very cool plugin for this too called “Gigpress”. It’ll have you hooked up and ready to tell the world where you’ll be performing in no time.


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