Awesome Tanning Salon Promotional Ideas


Opening A Tanning Salon

There are various things to consider when deciding on what tanning salon promotional ideas to use. Opening and running a tanning salon can be tedious and requires planning when it comes to your marketing strategy. If you strategically research your ideas you will receive good results.

As a tanning salon owner you should also consider writing a business plan. This will guide you and keep you focused on short and long- term goals. This may seem a bit overwhelming but trust me it will saves you from pitfalls of scams online.

I also know that outside of a business plan your tanning salon needs clients. Your clients may not even be aware you or your tanning salon exists. You need to get the word out about your salon and the awesome services you provide. Many salons choose to send what I call e-advertisements. They use this form of marketing by building their own salon website, incorporating search engine optimization, that offers a free tanning session for first time clients.

This is a great way to get new prospective clients – many who are not familiar with indoor tanning.

Additional marketing ideas that work great for tanning salons is social media marketing and video marketing. Both of these techniques can be done for FREE or very reasonable and show a return on your investment after only a few hits.

The Right Way To Educate Your Clients

Use your website and blog articles to let your clients know about your tanning services and techniques. You can never post too much information on your site, especially if you are using the technique of “golden Keywords” to draw traffic.

There are certain things need not be overlooked like posting real-time events and daily salon happenings. It’s a good idea for you to post interesting issues that your clients have had and how you and your tanning salon has helped them. You can also post before and after images of your clients tan in your WordPress site to showcase your skills and attract more and more clients.

You can attract clients to your salon by publishing the facts about tanning and being exposed to UV rays. The Indoor Tanning Association inform people about the benefits of tanning, including how it is used to cure conditions like Acne and Psoriasis. You may find that by educating people about proper tanning improves your client relationship and trust much more than regular print advertising. This strategy will educate people on the do’s and don’ts which in return builds credibility for your establishment and client loyalty.

Your Website Need Not Be Fancy

Based on your budget, your website does not have to be full of flashing fonts with different colors. You should always have a simple, decent, user-friendly website. There are a few techniques you need to consider to have an awesome website that sells to everyone. Proper SEO tools and strategies should also be implemented in the best way possible. Using the right software application for your website, like WordPress, will help you manage your business and make your tanning salon promotional ideas easy to market via the Internet. This strategy will keep you busy and overflowing with clients as increase profits!


Source by Natalie Wynn

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