Automatic RSS Feed Software Submits Your RSS Feeds to Multiple Aggregators and Directories


We all know how great automation can be in your internet marketing efforts. It’s also no great secret that sending your RSS Feeds to various online Feed Aggregators benefits you by providing one-way, quick indexing in search engines and a steady stream of organic search engine traffic. While it’s a no brainer to do this, it is time consuming – for every new blog or website you create, you’ve got to spend hours going from one online Feed Aggregator to another to submit your RSS Feeds.

Its a fact that automatic submission programs costing $100 or more claim to submit to all of these services. But in checking them out, many of the services don’t even exist anymore. Some of them do nothing more than Ping these services, which is fruitless – Pinging is not the same as submission either, so don’t let the sales copy fool you! You could also hire others from any of the numerous services out there, but the cost of doing this really adds up over time. And you can just never be sure they did a thorough job of it!

There are alternative solutions to the other automatic feed submission software programs which charge an arm and a leg.

An automated RSS feed submission program can take 10 or 15 minutes to set it up the first time and after that, you just add your newest RSS Feeds as you launch blogs or sites. You normally just click a submit button and the automatic RSS feed software does everything for you from there except take out the garbage. They can even support semi-automatic submitting to those online Feed Aggregators that use CAPTCHA on their submission forms!

When choosing an automated RSS feed submission program it’s best to choose one that is a professionally developed Windows Program, which will work on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, including 64Bit Systems. They should also include an installer and extensive help files!

One of the things to consider which choosing your RSS feed submission program from other automated services is the price, the automated service updates, and the ease of use this software provides. Most RSS software will support at least 30 online Feed Aggregators and will add new ones on a regular basis! The submitter should also update when a new aggregator or directory is discovered or an existing one is no longer available and will automatically download the updates itself with the latest, most up-to-date list of services available.

We have already mentioned that some programs can cost as much as $100 or more. With a good RSS submission program you can create feeds for a website that don’t even have a feed to begin with. They can actually go and spider your website, gather the pages, and then allow you to create an RSS feed from those pages. Once you’ve created your feed you can then use the submitter to submit your RSS feed to a variety of RSS feed aggregators.

When purchasing your software it’s best to choose a company that allows for an instant download once successful payment has been completed so you can get to work creating and submitting feeds right away.


Source by Greg Harison

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