Autoblog With WordPress Mage – What is WP Mage Autoblogging?


WordPress Mage is a revolutionary new autoblogging software package which takes autoblogging to the next level. It has just been released and has very limited availability with short windows of access to purchase, opening and then closing quickly, apparently due to high demand.

WP Mage is an automated system that not only auto blogs, but automatically adds content and hundreds of affiliate products based on your selections and seed keywords in minutes. I simply haven’t found anything else quite like it!

Autoblog it with WordPress Mage software?

Once you complete the basic setup, simply select a niche, choose your keywords, enter your url and click. Thousands of blog posts can be created in just a few minutes. You are even able to back date blogs posts and also drip feed new blog posts based on future dates you select automatically – Hands Free! A powerful way to auto blog.

Find out what the buzz is all about!

If this seems interesting, you can actually access and join the Adept Mage membership which is free for 60 days. When you register, you will have access to multiple training documents, hours of training videos and parts of the WP Mage system to utilize manually.

After 60 days, they charge $27 per month. You can either maintain the Adept Mage membership or purchase the complete Master Mage system. If you purchase the Master Mage package, you can then cancel the $27 Adept Mage membership because it is included in the Master Mage plan. If you find that the WordPress Mage system is not for you, simply cancel your Adept Mage membership within the free 60 day trial period and there will be no charges whatsoever. I feel that it’s well worth investigating.


Source by Robert Russo

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