Affiliate Marketing Tips – Creating Your Website


Getting a website online is one of the easiest things in the world, yet most people think it takes a degree in web design. Of all the affiliate marketing tips, this is the most important to implement. (Not buying every eBook you see, as I used to do).

Domain Name- One thing you must do is pick a domain name. Depending on the type of site you have, your name is key. If you want to design a personal webpage, odds are your name is available, unless it’s a very common one (Sorry John Smith).

I use namecheap for all of my domains because the checkout process is simple and you can use PayPal funds, which most everyone in the US has from selling at least one thing on eBay in their life.

Hosting- Think of hosting as renting a little apartment in cyberspace for your domain name to live. That is what hosting is. This is what allows your domain name to show up online when you type it in the address bar.

I use Hostgator to host my site. Not only is it about 10 bucks a month to host unlimited domains, but customer support is excellent, even if you’re just starting and you want help with the basic steps I’ve already laid out here! The other great part about Hostgator is the cpanel. The cpanel allows you to upload files, addondomains, install a WordPress blog straight onto your domain name, and much more. In Hostgator, sign up for a baby account, as this allows unlimited domains for the right price.

When you sign up for a Hostgator account, you will get an email with your server names. They will start with ns##.hostgator… so Log into namecheap, find the domain that you have already bought, and find where it says “transfer domain to dns.” In this section, you will see several lines, even though you only have two dns numbers. Paste those into this section on lines one and two. Within 24-48 hrs, your website is online.


Source by James Nissen

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