Affiliate Marketing: How to Get Started


If you are looking to make an income online, I’m guessing you have heard about affiliate marketing. The way this process works is, you choose products to promote on your website. The creator of the product provides you with a link. When a visitor clicks on the link, they will be taken to the vendor’s site where they can purchase the product. If they decide to make a purchase, you earn a commission. The customer pays exactly the same price regardless if they landed on the vendor’s site directly or via affiliate links from your website. Starting with affiliate marketing can be easy, but earning a full-time income from it may be a long-term effort. The sooner you get started, the earlier you will start making additional money for yourself.

Affiliate marketing can also be done part-time in addition to your main job. A couple of hours each day in the evening will get you started all right. You will need to have a website of your own, where you can publish your affiliate banners and links. If you do not want to spend money, you can set up free blogs either on or Blogger. If you learn the ropes and realize that you have the potential for creating a lucrative business for yourself, you can go ahead and buy your own domain names and hosting later.

In order to find what you would like to promote, you can join affiliate networks such as Commission Junction or Sharasale. There are a ton of them to choose from. Just join one to see what everything is all about, then you can search for others. When you join, you most likely will need to already have a website because they will ask you to see it. Make a free blog, put up a few posts and you will be done. After you get accepted, you will see a list of vendors and products. For each vendor, you will see what commission they give to their affiliates. This can be anywhere between 2% to 50%.

The art of affiliate marketing is to find those offers that pay well and are easy to sell because people already want the products. Choose the vendors you want to promote and apply to their programs. Some of them will accept you right away, others will give you a reply in a few days. After you are approved, you will have access to a variety of banners and links which you can use to promote products. Browse through them and pick the ones you like. You will also be provided with a line of code which you will need to copy and paste on your website, This will display the banner or link and they will be ready for your visitors to click on.

Knowing what to write to attract people and to rank high in search engines is typically what makes the difference between success and failure. If you want results, you will need to learn the basics of SEO and of Internet marketing. Driving traffic to your website is the most challenging part of affiliate marketing. If you are successful and your blog becomes popular, you will be able to make money in more than one way. Affiliate marketing is only one possibility so have you started your blog yet?


Source by Rachel E Spencer

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