Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress As a Blogging Platform


WordPress is applied by blog hosting services, as it is very easy to start a blog of your own and also update it; after it is up and running live on the World Wide Web. This further enhances the allure of the blog hosting business that caters to a wide variety of clientele from around the globe. There are a large number of blogging tools like WordPress, Tumblr, blogger and Movable type. Every blogging tool has its own advantages as well as disadvantages, and in the case of WordPress there are many benefits of choosing WordPress to power your blog hosting services. Making a choice for a blogging tool is an important decision that is strategic in deciding the success of the blog. There are people who have great blogs, but in the absence of an appropriate blogging tool, all efforts would be wasted. WordPress offers a platform that gives maximum exposure on the internet.

WordPress is used to power some of the most prominent blogging websites on the internet that have the largest number of users. This is not the end of the road, as there are many advantages associated with WordPress as it provides an active developer community, with a wide range of reference material and a large base of people that one can connect with at times of need. WordPress also comes with its bag of tech goodies, in the form of plug-ins that give the user the freedom to do all sorts of things, as one is allowed to change the code according to their needs and requirements.

On the flip side of the coin, WordPress as a blogging tool has its own set of disadvantages. The open coding system of WordPress makes it vulnerable for nefarious activities. Various high profile celebrities are also associated with blogging, thus bad guys who are looking for ways to tarnish a celebrity’s image can easily manipulate the high profile blog with easy access to open coding. But the WordPress developers at blog hosting services have been working round the clock providing a solution to tackle the vulnerabilities that are associated with WordPress and providing solutions for safeguarding blogging sites. Each time a page is updated, there are a number of processes that take place in the background and ensure that the page is displayed properly.

New technology is being applied to make the pages more static and viable under heavy load. Therefore, choosing WordPress as your blogging platform with a blog hosting service is the best choice for publishing your blogs.


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