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One of the most important keys to having a successful MLM business is creating and utilizing your own website. However, a simple, generic blog website will not stand out among the thousands of others without adding “extras”. Remember, you need to brand yourself as well as maximize your efforts. You can do this with your website by simply linking it to social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, you are subscribed to. This allows your website to get out to hundreds or thousands of more people. But not just people; people who already have some type of relationship with you and will be more willing to recommend you to their social circle.

Through the rest of this article, I will show you how to add a Facebook link to your website as well as adding a Facebook comment section to your page. Both of these features will better personalize your site and draw more traffic to it.

Let’s first look at how to add a Facebook link to your site:

If you are using WordPress, adding a Facebook tab is extremely easy.

1. Log in to your profile page on Facebook. 2. Copy the URL address from up top. Do not include the “http//” or you’ll have to delete it later when you paste it on your WordPress page. 3. Log in to your Dashboard. 4. Click on Pages and Add New 5. Title your page whatever you want it to be. I simply titled mine “Facebook”. 6. The only thing left now is to scroll down to Page Links To and paste your URL. 7. Save your page and view it on your site.

TIP: You will need to need to decide what order you want the tab to list at the top of your page by going to Page Attributes and enter the order you desire (Don’t forget to update the page).

This process can be used for any page you want to link to your website, not just Facebook. So, if you prefer to add a YouTube or MySpace link or a link from any other page, it will work the same way.

Another great Facebook tool to add to your page is a comment list. This instantly builds rapport with visitors to your site. They will see positive comments from others that trust you and will naturally gain more trust in what you are doing. This process is a little more detailed than simply adding a link page; nevertheless, it is still a rather easy process.

1. Go to Facebook/Developers and click Set Up New Application

2. You will type in your applications name – I made mine, “Facebook Comments”.

3. Fill out your information and then you will receive an Application ID.

4. Copy the Application ID to a clipboard to use later.

5. Got to and click comments.

6. Paste the Application ID you copied before in the Unique ID box. Fill in the rest of the boxes including the size of your text box. I chose 425 pixels.

7. You will receive a code like the one here:

</p> <div id="fb-root"></div> <p><fb:comments xid="173976745947854" width="425"></fb:comments>

8. You will delete the portion above that says APP_ID and paste your Unique ID in its place.

9. At the beginning of the code type the following:

</p> <div align="center">

This will center the comment stream on your page.

10. At the end of the code type the following:

</div> <p>

11. Copy this code as it is now.

12. Finally, go to your website dashboard. Go to edit pages. Make sure you view it in HTML format. Paste the code wherever you want it to stream.


Source by John Matthew Fisher

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