A Viral Marketing WordPress Plugin That Can Send Massive FREE Traffic To Your Blog!


Many internet marketers have been trying to use the viral power of Facebook and Twitter to boost traffic to their sites. If you have been involved with internet marketing than over time, you must have discovered that owning or making a blog is one of the most essential things as an internet marketer.

You not only need a blog but you also need to build a list. But how to get traffic to your blog. By now, you must have discovered that WordPress is the best platform when it comes to blogging. It is open source and you can find hoards of free plugins that can boost the power of your plugin.

Moreover, Google loves WordPress. So, if you are regular in submitting content to your WordPress blog, you will start getting traffic from Google and other search engines. But to increase the level of this traffic, you will have to continuously work to get backlinks for your blog.

How about trying to get some traffic from Twitter and Facebook? Time to work more intelligently. Facebook and Twitter are social media sites that have the potential to send massive FREE traffic to your site. But how to do it? Well one person has figured out how to do it.

He has been quietly working on it for the last many months. Recently, he released his viral marketing WordPress plugin that is creating a lot of buzz in the community of bloggers. This WordPress plugin uses a novel idea of holding viral contests on your blog.

You offer prizes in the blog contest. Each contestant is expected to score a minimum number of points by submitting your links to Facebook or tweeting them or even writing articles and doing press releases for you. At the end of the contest that can be after 10-15 days, the winners are awarded the prizes while all along you have been enjoying the fruits of their labor in the form of massive viral traffic from the two social media giants, Facebook and Twitter.

Now, you must be aware of this fact the Facebook has overtaken Google as the most highly visited website on the internet. If you have been ignoring Facebook uptill now in getting FREE traffic than you have been missing a lot. What you need to do is to include Facebook and Twitter in your traffic building mix and this WordPress plugin will give you the power to do that.

If you are a WordPress blogger than you shouldn’t miss this plugin. It has got 60 days money back guarantee so you can hold one or two contests using it on your blog and see yourself how powerful it can be when it comes to getting FREE traffic. If not happy, simply go for a refund.


Source by Ahmad A Hassam

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