A Trick to Make a WordPress Blog Automatically Update With Other People’s Content


Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to earn money on autopilot. Many people will tell you that you’ve got to constantly keep on doing things to your business to make it more profitable, like writing content. However, there’s actually a totally legal and sneaky way to grow your business by using other people’s content for free.

There’s a term floating around the Internet called “AutoBlogging”, which is something a lot of people have heard but not many understand. Autoblogging can be your best friend, because it’s where you take someone else’s content and then automatically publish it on your own blog, making you a tidy profit without the hassle. Here’s how to do it…

Autoblogging is the way in which you update a blog with content from other people’s sites. To do this, you just need to install WordPress on your server and then use a plugin such as WP-O-Matic to automatically grab the RSS Feeds of sites and publish them on yours. This is totally legal and many content authors will thank you for it.

Not many people know this, but RSS Feeds are there to be republished…. meaning that if you can get a blog which reads a bunch of feeds and then republishes them on your site, you’ll be able to cut out content writing for good. Auto blogs do this by using a plugin such as WP-O-Matic, which automatically reads various RSS feeds every day. It then scours the feeds for new posts for your own blog, where it then posts them as if it were you. This means that you are able to make money from someone else’s hard work, and get thanked for it as you are distributing their content.

The idea of autoblogging is very appealing to many people, but the actual way to do it is confusing and too much for most. The problem is that even though you could set up an autoblog, not many people know the tricks and techniques to make your site look as natural and appealing as possible. The fact is that you need to include a lot of different plugins and themes in order to make your auto-updating website look as appealing as possible, and that’s something only a few people, like me, know how to do well.


Source by Greg Banks

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