A Socrates WordPress Theme Review


The Socrates WordPress Theme is widely seen as one of the most impressive WordPress blog themes created for personal and professional use. It is created by Joel Comm, the famous Internet marketer who made his first millions using AdSense blogs, and Dan Nickerson.

1. Who Is The Socrates WordPress Theme Made For?

This theme is specially designed for people who wish to make money online using blogs and want a quick way to install a fully functional theme that can get working immediately. Having tried this theme myself, I must say that I am quite impressed with many of the automation and convenient features included with it.

2. What Are The Ways You Can Make Money Using the Socrates WordPress Theme?

It is able to monetize in a couple of ways to make money for both professional as well as for the more experienced marketer. Socrates is capable of integrating your Amazon associates, ClickBank as well as AdSense accounts easily, and all I had to do was input my membership details into the theme. Plugins are also provided to help you quickly search engine optimize your blogs to quickly boost their search engine rankings. These lessons are provided in video format that are step by step in nature.

3. What Are Some of the Social Media Marketing Features that Come with the Theme?

The theme does come preloaded with a social media slider. This feature allows me to input details about my Facebook, Twitter and other RSS accounts. Site users are able to follow me easily from my blog and this increases my social media presence automatically.

4. How Many Niche Themes Are You Able to Choose from In the Socrates WordPress Theme?

This package comes with more than 1,000 different designs and also allows you to customize the styles, background and color of your blogs.


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