A Few Features You Should Look for in a Premium WordPress Theme


Selecting a WordPress theme can be a bit of a challenge, particularly if you are conscious about the look and feel of your website and ensuring that it is presented as neatly as possible to prospective customers. There are millions upon millions of WordPress themes out there in the marketplace and it’s important when selecting a theme to look at the various price points charged by different theme suppliers in the marketplace, make sure there is a good after-sales support forum available and to make sure that the theme is cross-browser compatible between Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. This will ensure that all visitors, regardless of which browser they use, wil be able to view your website.

One of the first features that many people look to when selecting a theme is whether or not it is aesthetically pleasing and also whether it is useful to the particular niche they serve. Of course, different people will have different views on what is aesthetically pleasing, but the theme should ideally have clean lines and a good base of popular support from customers who are happy that the theme is relatively easy to install and configure. Many people look to include a slider in their WordPress theme however, it’s important to remember that you will have to provide all the necessary imagery to make it work and if you’re not particularly talented with design, then this is something that will likely have to be outsourced.

Another popular consideration taken by most people looking for a WordPress theme is the range of add-ons, plugins, colour schemes and short codes that potentially come with the theme. You may be designing a website for an existing business and as such it’s important not to discount a particularly attractive theme just because it doesn’t match your company branding – different colour schemes are usually included as part of the purchase of a theme.


Source by Mark Jang

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