5 WordPress Squeeze Page Plugins


Squeeze pages are the landing pages created to opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. If you are thinking of incorporating one on your WordPress blog, then you may need a good squeeze page plugin. With all the plugins available online, it can be quite confusing to choose one. To help you, here are the 5 Wordspress squeeze page plugins:

1. FlexSqueeze

FlexSqueeze turns any WordPress blog into a customized sales page without messing around with FTP uploads or external files. It also includes built-in header images that may be selected in the WordPress theme options.

2. Karbon

The Karbon is required if you want to create a sales page for the WordPress WPSpire theme. Once installed and launched, the Karbon squeeze page plugin creates a new box in the WP editor screen. You simply have to choose the “Use Karbon Squeeze Page” theme to turn the page into the Karbon template.

3. SiteGrinder

SiteGrinder allows users to create multipage sites using Adobe Photoshop even without the knowledge in CSS, HTML, Document Object Models, and JavaScript. This plugin uses an algorithm that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to determine which HTML files, image files, and CSS files to create for the site representation based on the Photoshop design.

4. WP Spire Plugin

This is the plugin version for the WP Spire theme. It allows users to add sales pages, landing pages, or even mini-sites to the existing WordPress blog. This plugin has all the theme version’s features except that it doesn’t come with the theme options page.

5. WordPress eStore Plugin

The WordPress eStore plugin is used to make squeeze type Web pages for email collection and for building an email marketing list.


Source by Alana Olson

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