5 SEO Tips for SEO Beginners


If you are new to SEO here are few SEO techniques you can use.

1. Start your own website: Develop your own website. Web designers may charge hundreds of dollars to build wonderful websites. But you don’t need their services. Not for SEO. The simplest, fastest way to create an optimized website is to download WordPress and install it. You can use default wordpress themes to your site. Remember that aesthetics have nothing to do with search engine optimization.

2. Write your own content: Do not believe and convince yourself that you can not write content for your site. You can and it just needs some practice. Start writing your own articles. You may not be able to initially write 20 or so articles a day. But keep practicing and within a month you can easily write 10 articles a day.

To maintain a successful blog, you need only 1 article a day of around 200 words long.

3. Write a thoughtful comment: Write a thoughtful comment on someone else’s blog every day with a link to your site. It shows people that you are willing to share their interests. They will eventually click, visit your site and may also link back to your site. You are also creating a name for yourself.

4.Write about other sites in your blog: Write about other people’s sites related to your niche, in your blog and link to them. You will receive “Thank you” letters and backlinks from people who are struggling to achieve visibility for their sites.

5. Blog Pinging: Make sure that your blog pings lots of ping servers. This will help your blog to achieve search recognition quickly.


Source by Indu Priya K

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