4 Profitable Benefits of Blog Commenting


Blogging is a hot topic. But not everyone understands the value of blog commenting or blog comment posting. Essentially, you see a blog post you like and you write your comments on it. Did you know that there are profitable benefits in doing so?

1. Indirect Visitors

Commenting on popular blogs can bring in tons of visitors. Famous blogs like ProBlogger’s and John Chow’s blogs enjoy high readership. By placing a sensible remark there, their visitors will come streaming to your site.

If the post gets indexed and ranked well, you get even more visitors.

2. Backlinks

Posting your remarks do qualify you to post your website link there. Some posts have high PageRank. This means that you can get a free high PR backlink. It can cost hundreds of dollars for a PR 7 link.

3. Build Your Credibility

By participating and posting blog comments regularly, the readers of those blogs that you frequent would come to recognize you as a subject expert. Frequent appearances can do much good to your credibility. This also means that if you were to recommend a product on your website, they will be more ready to buy!

4. Improve Your Website’s Ranking

This is related to No.2. Basically, by having more quality backlinks to your website, it can improve your ranking in the search engines.

See the benefits of blog commenting now?

What about the “No-Follow” tag on WordPress blogs? Quite frankly, if you are spending 2 or 3 minutes of your time on each blog remark, it does not hurt you at all. Think about the indirect traffic that can still stream in from your blog commenting.

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Source by Davion Wong

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