3 Keys to Increase Your Retail Sales


By the time you finish reading this whole article, you will know how to increase your sales by using e-mail. Most small businesses do not take advantage of opt-in e-mail capture pages. By using simple WordPress the blogs and creating content for them, you can drive traffic and capture e-mail copy and that are interested in what you have to sell.

There are three keys to this process:

1. WordPress blogs are the easiest way to create simple web sites without having to have much knowledge of coding. The content management abilities of WordPress are great. The software is open source and free. You can also host your word press web site for free with their server. There are a great many web sites that host templates for press. There are also a great many free add on software programs called plugins that are available for WordPress. By using WordPress you can get your website up and operational very quickly.

2. The next key to increasing your sales is to find and auto responder company. I use Aweber. This company hosts the lists of e-mail subscribers that will optin from your WordPress blog. The auto responder will allow you to load a number of e-mail messages that will be sent out over time to your customers automatically. By loading a series of messages you can send your customers reminders, discounts, promotional offers, and educational messages. This will increase the number of contacts with your customers and keep them informed of the changes to your offers.

3. The final key to increasing your retail sales is to develop content for both your blog and your e-mail messages. This is quite simple to do because there are a number of ways to query your current clients and in store prospects by questioning them and finding out just exactly what it is that they’re looking for in need . To further increase your leverage you should be asking your best clients to provide you with feedback by offering them slight discounts. If you have clients with a high community profile, you can also leverage them by getting testimonials.


Source by Craig Glenn

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