10 Best WordPress Theme Editor Plugins


WordPress does a very good job, especially for moderately-sized websites. This is because of the WordPress theme editor plugins, making it easy and simple to maintain a site and update its content. Here are the ten best WordPress theme editor plugins that you can use in your WordPress site.

1. Cforms II

This is the best in terms of configurability. It allows you to build literally anything in the site.

2. WP e-Commerce

This doesn’t have any competition. It provides an easy and simple to manage shopping cart and storefront as an integral part of the WordPress installation. It also includes the feature of selling digital downloads.

3. Search Everything

This is ideal for websites with static content since it allows users to search the entre site without relying on Google or leaving the site.

4. Google Sitemap Generator

The biggest benefit of using this is that it allows you to save from manual labor because the software already can locate your content. This editor plugin submits a complete index of your WordPress site to Yahoo, Google, Ask.com, and MSN Live every time the site is updated.

5. CKeditor

This is an open source WordPress text editor that brings the power of different desktop editors to the Web. It is compatible with different Internet browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Netscape.

6. Event Calendar 3

This is one of the best and most integrated WordPress theme editor plugin. It provides you with an iCal feed aside from the standard RSS feed.

7. Page Links To

This is by far the simplest in the list since it allows you to create Web pages that link to another site. It is the easiest way to add different links to the main menu without the need for codes.

8. TinyMCE Advanced

This WordPress theme editor plugin allows you to easily add classes to tables, images, and block quotes.

9. XSPF Player

This allows you to play music on your WordPress site. This MP3 player allows you to manage cover art, playlists, and artist links.

10. pageMash

This theme editor plugin makes it very simple to put pages on the site in order without the need to edit every Web page individually.


Source by Alana Olson

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