Free Captcha Service!

Come on! Nothing is free! Well, PlusCaptcha is free!

What is PlusCaptcha, you say? Good question!

PlusCaptcha is an innovative Captcha system and service that eliminates the difficulty in successfully answering difficult-to-read Captcha text. How? We don’t use text.

We use imagery that has been offset in a circular fashion. Imagery that consists of easy-to-recognize pictures in the form of common scenes, such as:

  • A morning lakeside view:
  • A beautiful beach view:
  • An animal:

Or even branded images, such as:

  • The Goodyear Blimp:
  • Hellman’s Mayonaisse:

Your challenge is to click, hold, and drag the circular portion of the image until it is properly lined up with the rest of the picture. Only then, will you be allowed to submit that form. Check out a perfect example – our contact us form!

This protects your web site from bots and other automated processes – and eliminates:

  • Bogus data entry
  • Data theft
  • Denial of Service (DOS) attacks

Get started now!