WordPress Commerce and Credit Card Payments

It is not uncommon for site owners to use Captcha for various purposes. Aside from for preventing spam comments and registration bots, Captcha can also be used to secure the ecommerce side of your WordPress site. There are also other security measures you can put in place to secure credit card payments on your WordPress-based ecommerce site. The 3D Secure by MasterCard and Verified by Visa both add an extra layer of security to online transactions. According to studies by Rutgers Online and its AACSB online MBA department, the use of EMV chip in credit cards is also reducing information theft and security issues; it reduced theft by 32.5% in 2014. The number of cases has continued to drop since.

2017 will be a big year for mobile commerce, which means you also need to prepare your WordPress site for mobile customers. Find out more about Credit Cards and Mobile Payments: What Your Business Needs to Know for Now and the Near Future from the infographic below.

This infographic was created by Rutgers Online.

How Businesses are Adapting to the Independent Contractor EconomyWord

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Why Hire a Web Design Agency for WordPress Sites?

As a professional it is important that you have a website that accurately describes either your business or yourself. With the help of a website design agency you can get a custom WordPress website that will set yourself apart from your competition. Your site will look clean, fresh, and it will be easy to navigate; even for people who don’t regularly use the internet. Plus, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the designing process yourself.

Taking Advantage of an Easy User Interface

One of the largest advantages that you’ll get when you work with WordPress experts is a website that is easy to use for all of your prospective customers. These professionals are aware of what your clients are looking for such as being able to read through information quickly, having effective photographs, and ensuring that the overall presentation of the site is effective. With an easy user interface, people who visit your website will be able to find the information that they want as quickly as possible.

Making Space for Content

The content that you put on your website is incredibly important as it gives prospective customers information about your offered products and services. When you hire a website design agency you’ll be able to make sure that you have enough space for relevant content. The designers that you work with will work with the space that they have in order to make sure that all of the content is spaced evenly and easy to read.

Getting Professional Design Experience

Above all, the best part of working with WordPress experts is that they can deliver professional content that you wouldn’t be able to create on your own. Most business owners don’t have the right amount of experience or enough time to design and manage their own sites, which is why they rely on the professionals. A custom WordPress website is something that will surely impress prospective customers and help you to improve your brand awareness.

Mastering WordPress

As one of the most popular programs that you can use for designing a website, WordPress is something that requires enough knowledge to use efficiently. There are a variety of plugins and other add-ons that you’d have to learn about without using a website design agency. Instead of focusing just on the designing aspect of the site and making sure that your content is visible, these professionals know the technical aspects of working with WordPress.

Source by Mike W Evans

Web Hosting – Basic Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) for web hosting, that was initially designed as a blogging platform. Today WordPress can be deployed for a variety of different websites. WordPress is used for blogs, business sites, photography sites and more. Companies that use WordPress range from small businesses to large corporations.

There are two versions of WordPress, the hosted and the self-hosted version. In this case, we are referring to self-hosted WordPress sites. These sites reside on your host’s server, and not with WordPress.org. The main advantages of WordPress are that it is open source, and if you can dream it, someone probably already coded a plugin for it. There are almost no limits, to the functionality of a WordPress site.

In addition, there are no shortages of free and paid for templates. There is something for every taste or need. Some of the higher end templates are very complex and are beautifully designed. Free designs and plugins can be downloaded directly through WordPress. There are marketplaces for paid WordPress templates and plugins.

WordPress is known to be stable and reliable. It is also secure. Additional security plugins can be downloaded and installed. WordPress shines with its user-friendly backend. Editing and adding content is a breeze. Content can be pre-written and scheduled for later releases – A great way to prepare posts, and release them while gone.

WordPress is easy to learn. There are lots of books, tutorials and videos available. Many resources are free. In addition, there are many forums where a user can find answers, to almost any technical issue that can arise.

User settings allow the administrator to set different levels of permissions for users, which is especially handy for larger companies or websites. It is easy to find help and support for WordPress sites. It is probably the most used Content Management System out there.

Setting up Web Hosting with WordPress is no issue, most if not all hosting companies support WordPress. Most Web Hosts offer a simplified installation process in their backend. WordPress offers the user the option to manage multiple sites with multiple domains. This is a great alternative to multi-site hosting.

Search Engines love WordPress sites. There are many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins available to improve the site’s search engine results.

A great feature that is often overlooked is that design templates can be changed. This gives the site owner the chance to update the sites looks down the road, without touching the existing content.

WordPress is definitely the top choice if it comes to content management systems for website hosting.

Source by Maxx Modack

WordPress – The Pros and Cons of Hosting Your Website on the WordPress Website

When starting out with your online business you probably want to set it up as cheaply as possible, and this includes the setting up of your website too. WordPress is often the platform of choice for those just starting out online, without the budget to hire someone to create a website for them, it offers the cheapest and most versatile option.

Setting up your first website in WordPress is a great idea for so many reasons. If you are unsure about which business you want to go into, setting up a WordPress site, whether it’s hosted or self-hosted, is a cheap way of making a mistake if you decide to change your mind and do something else, so there is little or no risk. You can get some WordPress experience through trial and error for very little cost that you can take with you to your next website or just perfect the website you already have.

For those with a very limited budget is can seem that hosting your website at WordPress.com is the best option, as there is no cash outlay, no real technical skills are required and being hosted on the WordPress site you would presume it would be very secure so no likelihood of anyone hacking into your website. However, there are some limitations with this method and to understand what they are you need to look further down the life of both your business and your website.

Although there are hundreds of free and paid WordPress templates available, you may want more flexibility on how that template looks. You may want to change the color scheme or change an image and customize the WordPress template more to your liking and for this you need access to the templates CSS (cascading style sheets) files. This is a paid upgrade option for those websites hosted at WordPress.com.

Many WordPress templates will come with a variety of options so that you can edit the template very easily from your WordPress dashboard. Just look out for these within the “add new template” option on your dashboard. To edit an image or a header and that option doesn’t appear in within the template dashboard, you need access to the images located in the hosting file, which you do not have access to. So just be aware of this.

Another thing you need to take into consideration is both your technical knowledge as well as the software you have available to actually edit your images. If you don’t have technical knowledge nor editing software then you should look for templates that you won’t want to edit in any way. This goes for self hosted WordPress websites too.

Also, if you want to offer free reports or audios to the visitors of your website, you will be unable to upload them to your WordPress site as you don’t have hosting access. Depending on how you see your website developing this may or may not affect your decision on choosing a WordPress hosted website or not.

If you want to just get used to WordPress and try different things out then by all means register your chosen website at WordPress.com. Please note that your URL, or web address, will be a subdomain of WordPress, for example mychosensite.wordpress.com and it doesn’t really give a professional image to your business, however it will make you more confident using your WordPress website. You can always buy a domain and forward it to your WordPress.com website if you decide to keep this as your main website.

Source by Lesley J Johnston

Ways You Can Make Money From Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is a term you will often come across mentioned on online chat rooms and forums in connection with ways to make money online. Basically, niche marketing refers to a segment of a market where there are opportunities to sell to people with specific interests and needs. A niche in the market can be a relatively untapped and moneymaking resource because there are more purchasers than sellers or, in other words, fewer competitors for your business. The following text is about how to build a profitable niche marketing business.

The initial step in identifying niches you can turn a profit from is to perform some market research and there are web sites on the Internet that make this relatively easy. By going to the ClickBank and Amazon web sites, for example, you’ll quickly realize that there are a wide variety of possible niches you can research. They have made this simpler in the way that they have many different categories and you can also oftentimes see what is selling well. You will want to note down several of these products so that you can refer to them when you would like to go on to the next phase of your research.

Once you have several prospective markets to investigate, you need to start to do some keyword research to find out if there are niches you can compete in and that have the potential to generate you some money. Tools to help you perform keyword research are numerous, some free and some you pay for, but the free Google keyword tool is just fine when starting out. The chief aim in keyword research is to begin with broad category words and progressively drill down into longer key phrases that still have a reasonable search volume. Oftentimes these ‘long-tailed’ keywords will have less competition and are the ones you should be aiming for in your niche market.

The way to check on the amount of competition for your selected keyword phrases is to type the word within quotation marks into the Google search bar and hit enter. You will then see the number of search results returned for that term and this is also the number of web sites you will be competing against. Evidently, you don’t want too much competition for any of your keyword phrases. Some of these longer key phrases will be the names and model numbers of certain products which are search terms used by people who are about to buy rather than those merely searching for information.

The important initial step of market research is done and now you can make a blueprint for your new site based on the keywords you have selected. A quick and direct way to create a niche site is by using the WordPress blogging platform for which there are many no-cost templates and plug-ins. If available, you should pay for a domain name that contains one of your keywords or phrases which will help to get your site rank high up in the search engines. Don’t use brand names because this may lead to issues later on.

After you have optimized your website and start to see traffic numbers go up, you can then brainstorm about ways to earn money off your visitors either for a steady income or with a view of selling the web site on later.

Source by Stevie Vigus

How to Build a Business Online – From Scratch

Selling an online business service may require less capital than a company selling a physical product. Which is ideal if you have a low budget to start your online business.

All successful products and services are designed to solve a problem for a customer.

Start your business by identifying a customer problem and solve that problem with a product or service.

  1. Know who your customer is: How does your customer shop? is it online, is it by credit card, do they purchase related products? Be able to track your customers buying habits to find a history of what they have purchased enabling you to target them with related products. – Do a customer survey. Are they mostly women, what age are they, how much are they willing to pay for your product? This will help you focus and pinpoint with more accuracy where to advertise and who to. – Develop a Marketing strategy with your ideal customer in mind. Find out if they are on Facebook, YouTube or reading a magazine, then target these with your advertising campaign.
  2. Solving a customer’s problem: People buy when they have a problem, it’s usually urgent so be quick and efficient at fulfilling their needs. – Ask your existing clients what their major problems are and see if you can provide a solution. – Know your Industry or niche, look at your competitors, what are they offering that you don’t.

Once you have this knowledge you can design your online business. Create an engaging website that is easy to navigate. Post good content that keeps viewers coming back to your site. As customers use your products and get the results they want they may buy from you again.

Loyal customers will recommend your products. Generating referrals are the fastest way to grow your sales and will naturally create Brand Loyalty.

Getting Your Product Online

It is critical that you have an engaging, simple to use website. WordPress is by far the easiest I have found (being non-techy) and is used by over 20% of all sites on the Internet. Your goal is to provide value, information and an easy way to buy your product.

1. Advertise & Marketing: Get yourself on Facebook. There are 1 billion people on Facebook every day..it’s mind blowing. Someone somewhere needs your product, but before you self-combust and declare that you don’t know how… remember we all have to start somewhere and If you are serious about being Online then get on Facebook. Enroll on an Internet course, Do your research as there are hundreds of courses out there to choose from. Please make sure they teach you how to use business.Facebook.com.

Market your site on all the Social Media platforms that your customers are on IE Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest to name a few.

2. Be consistent: Post regularly and keep your information up to date, you could offer a discount or a free download. Set yourself a time limit every day to market your product. Use e.ggtimer this is a fantastic tool enabling you not to lose track of time, it rings a bell every 25 minutes so you can stop and move onto something else.

3. Get Help – If like me you have limited savings and couldn’t afford to pay for help use online tutorials from YouTube. Google and YouTube anything and everything you need to know But be careful. I found that some YouTube videos are out of date especially when trying to keep up with the changes that some companies IE Facebook make (it feels like every 5 minutes) It is incredibly frustrating when you try and compare what’s on your screen to what you are looking at on the YouTube video.

4. Provide an opt-in button: Make it easy for your customers to opt-in to your emails or subscribe to your site. If a viewer subscribes to your site then they are more likely to buy from you.

5. Track: It’s important to know who is buying your product and what they are buying. Analysis your website traffic, the number of opt-ins and percentage of viewers you who convert to customers.

Source by Louise Hunt

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog From Hosting Control Panel in Less Than 15 Minutes?

Step by step tutorial to set up WordPress Blog from website hosting cPanel:

It is really very easy to set up blog from website host control panel with few steps as follows:

  1. Log in to your website control panel. You will need user and password which your server company should provide you during setting up your website.
  2. In the control panel there will be either Fantastico or installscripts icon in most of the server. Click on Fantastico or Installscript. You will see the wordpress icon there and click on it.
  3. You will have to insert there some information in the blank forms like your email address, blog title, description etc. Another thing required is the directory where you want to put the blog. You can keep it blank if you want to set it in root directory under main domain.
  4. In some version you can put an administrator username and password while in some other version the password is generated in the screen by the system. The auto generated password will not be easy to remember because of its critical look with character and numeric. so it is better to copy it and log in to admin and then at user admin insert new password what you can remember.
  5. Follow the screen and click install and within few minutes your blog is ready to publish in the internet world.

Then start writing, post as you like based on your business or hobby or liking.

It is really very easy and it is time to try it out.

Source by M Yakub Chowdhury

A Powerful Open Source Content Management System – Drupal

Drupal has a powerful open source content management system that allows you to classify and tag content. Drupal category can be limited to certain content types. For example, you could have blog contents that allowed free tagging (similar to WordPress categories), while your news section might have a different vocabulary (set of categories) that could only be selected from an existing list of categories. You can also have hierarchical categories, with single or multiple parent categories. Drupal’s advanced taxonomy features, allow you to easily target all of those long-tail keywords that you researched in Wordtracker.

You can views Modules to create new content types and create advanced custom views for them without writing any code. A few examples of “content types” are “blog posts”, “news stories”, “forum posts”, “tutorials”, “classified ads”, “podcasts”. You can create as many custom content types as you would like and display them in many different ways. Most content management systems would require writing code to accomplish these tasks, but there is no programming knowledge required to do them in Drupal.

Drupal was designed for community-based Web sites and has strong user role and access manage functionality. You can create as many custom user roles with custom access levels as you require. For example you could create the following roles, each with different levels of access to your features: “anonymous visitor”, “genuine user”, “editor”, “webmaster”, “admin”. You can keep the advanced user management features (like multiple blogs) turned off if you don’t want them, enabling them later if your site grows to a point where you would like to add more community features.

Large and Friendly Community – With so many major sites using Drupal, it’s not going away soon. For an idea of the size of the developer community, take a look at the long list of community-contributed modules.

There are other open-source alternatives to Drupal Customization [http://www.webnetcreatives.net/drupal.html]:

*Joomla Customization – Joomla is not as search engine friendly out of the box as Drupal.

*WordPress Customization – WordPress is outstanding, but if you require something more strongly or are building a site that you might want to extend in the prospect you should be considering Drupal.

Source by Aurelia Mourey

It’s Not Too Late To Get In On Making Money Online

Believe it or not, there are still many ways to make a great part-time income. There’s affiliate marketing, creating E-books, creating an online store, selling items on Ebay, Adsense, Pay Per Click, Blogging and quite a few others not mentioned here. The easiest and cheapest way to get your feet wet is to start a blog, get traffic to that blog and then monetize your blog. To start you need a blog, You can get a blog free from sites like:

Blogsome – a WordPress based blog site with plenty of themes, although some of them seem old and plain looking.

Smoothlaunch – this blog site is geared towards afiliiate marketers. plenty of plug-ins such as mp3 players, social bookmarking plug-ins.

WordPress – One of the better blog sites on the net. WordPress loads very fast and has tons of plug-ins available. You can host your blog on their site or point an existing domain to WordPress.com

Blogger – A great blog site that is probably one of the easiest to get up and running. Your reading from one.

Next you need to get some traffic to your web blog. I used a great eBook that I just purchased called Easy Blog Traffic. With this package I received Blog Traffic Videos and Ebooks that showed me how to get other blogs to link to me, how to get visitors by adding tools to my blog and most importantly how to get people to subscribe to my blog. With this information my blog went from 5 views a day to over 100 a day in 2 days, and the numbers keep going up. The videos were especially helpful as I really like having the different methods used in getting more visitors to my blog showed to me in clear concise easy to understand steps. The Ebooks are chock full of really great and thoughtful ideas and methods on getting traffic to your blog. One of the Ebooks “Blog Profit Machine for beginners” had some great insider tips like, How to create your own unique blogging personality and stand out from the thousands of other bloggers and how to make search engines love your blogs using on-page search engine optimization. The secret to making money with a blog is to get people to read your blog and to do that you need traffic, and lots of it. Easy Blog Traffic was so helpful and insightful that I purchased the rights to resell it.

Last but definitely not least, you need to monetize your blog. There are many ways you can make money with your blog, but you do not want to overdo it. You can use Adsense, eBay Auctions, Pay Per Click advertising, place ads on your blog and even sell your blog posts. Which will work for you depends solely on you and your readers and the type of blog you are writing. AdSense ads do very well, but really do not make you much money unless you have thousands of new readers checking your blog out on a daily basis. eBay auction items can be lucrative if you are writing about material things like maybe Televisions, Home Theatre or maybe a blog about video games. If books are your forte and you like to read and recommend books to your readers maybe an affiliate link to amazon.com can work for you. Any way you get the idea, there are many ways to make money with your blog you just need to find what works for you and your readers. Easy Blog Traffic helped me build a great blog, bring readers to this blog and showed me how to make money from my blog, and I think it will work for you too.

Source by Ray Loesch

5 Free Ways to Generate Traffic For Your Blog

Blogs are hot these days. Originally, blogs started as a personal journal online and they have evolved in a mighty opinion makers on the internet. According to the recent stats from killerstartups, blogs are getting more traffic than a traditional website. So it’s like having your very own news company where you can gather news and build opinions. Most of the product based websites are buying paid blog posts to generate traffic.

Setting up a blog has become very easy. You don’t need to hire expensive designers and coders to build your blog. You can get a free blog setup (backend) on WordPress, Xanga, MSN Spaces, Blogger net, etc. Installing a theme is also very easy. There are literally hundreds and thousands of related themes on the internet. Alternatively you can get custom designed theme dirt cheap.

The main problem and the biggest of them all is how to bring traffic to you blog. There are literally hundreds of blogs on a single topic. Moreover, people love to visit a blog they find interesting and informative. Most of the internet users have already subscribed to at least a dozen blogs. So what should you do to bring in quality traffic to your blog?

First, you need to be consistent with blog posts. Ideally, post a new article each day. Make each and every post interesting. People are looking for information with a personal touch. So you should have a unique voice and uber style in blog posts. For example, if you have a blog in make money online niche, you should study the best blogs in the niche and see what makes them stand out of the crowd? Their unique voice and style brings in traffic.

Even after having good blog posts, you fail to generate traffic. To spread out the word and stir the interest among internet users, you should do something unique on your blog. Post something different and then use the Web 2.0 viral marketing tactics to spread out the word. Consider the following ways to generate traffic from your blog:

1. Create a video for each blog post – This is the best strategy. Create videos of each blog post you do using Camtasia Studio software and upload it on Youtube, Videos.google com and all the major top 25 video sharing sites. Then share those videos using bookmarks and stumbleupon

2. Actively comment on the most successful blogs – Constantly comment on each blog post on successful blogs in your niche. Add to the discussion and give something good to the audience. They will oblige you by clicking on your name and visiting your blog

3. Bookmarking frenzy – bookmarks your blog on all major bookmarking sites and do stumble upon. You will get some steady traffic.

4. Partner with the big names in your niche – Ask major bloggers in your niche to give you ideas on generating traffic. It would be difficult but ultimately if you give them something good in return, they will oblige

5. Participate in forums – Check out the popular forums related to your niche. Participate in discussion and don’t forget to create a signature with your blog name in it.

Keep in mind that your goal is to create a blog with posts that are worth reading and telling others about. If you have a great idea for an article then post it on your blog and tell your visitors to post their comments too.

Source by Sameep Shah